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2015 Planning Partners:

Schedule at a Glance

The following is a schedule at a glance for the program.  Specific details, session titles and speakers to be announced shortly.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015
  7:30am 3:30pm Registration Open (5th Floor: Take 5 Foyer)
  7:30am 8:30am Breakfast and Networking (5th Floor: Second Take Foyer)
  8:30am 12:00pm CCO Training BootcampsTM
  9:00am 10:15am Pre-Conference Activities (Session 1)
  • 1a: Addressing Legal & Policy Challenges to Adapting to Sea Level Rise (5th Floor: Jamaica Pond)
  • 1b: Coastal Flooding & Community Impacts (5th Floor: Boston Common)
  10:15am 10:45am Networking Break
  10:45am 12:00pm Pre-Conference Activities (Session 2)
  • 2a: Public Health Implications of Sea Level Rise (5th Floor: Jamaica Pond)
  • 2b: Community Flooding and Resilient Community Responses (5th Floor: Boston Common)
  • 2c: Benchmarking & Metrics Workshop (5th Floor: Riverway)
  12:00pm 2:00pm Networking Lunch
  12:30pm 1:30pm CCO CertificationTM Town Hall (5th Floor: Boston Common)
  2:00pm 5:30pm CCO Training BootcampTM & Workshop
  1:30pm 3:15pm Innovative Tools and Planning Methodologies Showcase (5th Floor: Riverway)
  2:00pm 3:15pm Pre-Conference Activities (Session 3)
  • 3a: Mitigating Contaminated Site Risks (5th Floor: Jamaica Pond)
  • 3b: Engaging Local Businesses (5th Floor: Boston Common)
  3:15pm 3:45pm Networking Break
  3:45pm 5:00pm Pre-Conference Activities (Session 4)
  • 4a: Protecting Drinking Water (5th Floor: Jamaica Pond)
  • 4b: Shaping P3 Adaptation Projects (5th Floor: Boston Common)
  • 4c: International Sea Level Rise Institute Launch Meeting (5th Floor: Riverway)
  4:00pm 7:45pm Registration Re-Opens (2nd Floor: Foyer Outside Back Bay C/D)
  4:00pm 5:30pm Exhibitor Setup (2nd Floor: Back Bay C/D)
  5:30pm 7:30pm Welcome Reception (2nd Floor: Back Bay C/D)
  7:30pm 9:30pm Women's Climate Collaborative Speed Mentoring Event (2nd Floor: Back Bay A)

Participants will meet with a variety of experienced professionals across sectors in a small-group discussion format that will enable dynamic discussion and facilitate networking. The overarching conversation will center around a series of career development oriented themes for professionals across sectors addressing climate change.  This event is complimentary for Summit registrants.  Please click here to learn more about this event.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 (all activities on the 2nd floor)
  7:30am 7:00pm Registration Open (Foyer Outside Back Bay C/D)
  7:30am 8:30am Breakfast and Networking (Back Bay C/D)
  8:30am 10:00am Plenary Session A: Welcome Remarks & Opening Plenary Panel (Grand Ballroom)
  10:00am 10:30am Networking Break (Snacks & Coffee in Back Bay C/D)
  10:30am 12:15pm Plenary Session B: State of the Science and Lessons Learned from Flood Events (Grand Ballroom)
  12:15pm 5:30pm Workshop on Environmental Journalism (Liberty B/C)
Co-Hosted by the University of Rhode Island Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting
  12:15pm 1:45pm Networking Lunch with Special Guest Speakers (Grand Ballroom)
  1:45pm 2:00pm Transition Break
  2:00pm 3:30pm Breakout Session 1
  • 1a: Natural Systems, Resilience and Adaptation (Back Bay A)
  • 1b: Disasters as Catalysts for Adaptive Planning (Back Bay B)
  • 1c: Forward-thinking Governance Structures (Grand Ballroom)
  3:30pm 4:00pm Transition Break (Snacks & Coffee in Back Bay C/D)
  4:00pm 5:30pm Breakout Session 2
  • 2a: Adaptive Infrastructure (Back Bay A)
  • 2b: New Ideas for Addressing Policies that Mask Risk (Back Bay B)
  • 2c: Building Human Capital (Grand Ballroom)
  5:30pm 7:00pm Networking Reception (Back Bay C/D)
Thursday, November 5, 2015 (all activities on the 2nd floor)
  7:30am 2:00pm Registration Open
  7:30am 8:30am Breakfast and Networking (Back Bay C/D)
  8:30am 10:15am Plenary Session C: Special Guest Remarks & Community Organizing Discussion (Grand Ballroom)
  10:15am 10:45am Networking Break (Snacks & Coffee in Back Bay C/D)
  10:45am 12:00pm Breakout Session 3 & Solutions Showcase
  • 3a: Adaptation and Resilience in Buildings (Back Bay A)
  • 3b: Financing Adaptation Measures (Back Bay A)
  • 3c: Helping and Leveraging Low-Income and Underserved Communities (Grand Ballroom)
  • Solutions Showcase (Liberty Ballroom B/C)
  12:00pm 1:15pm Networking Lunch (Grand Ballroom)
  1:15pm 2:30pm Breakout Session 4 & Solutions Showcase
  • 4a: Assessing Vulnerability and Prioritizing Action (Back Bay A)
  • 4b: Climate Adaptation is Economic Development (Back Bay B)
  • 4c: Retreat! Navigating the Intricacies of Relocation (Grand Ballroom)
  • Solutions Showcase (Liberty Ballroom B/C)
  2:30pm 2:45pm Transition Break
  2:45pm 3:30pm Plenary Session D: Town Hall (Grand Ballroom)
  3:30pm Summit Concludes

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